Advocacy- Poverty Alleviation Project

Yayasan Maha Bhoga Marga

The Poverty Alleviation Project is a three year project (2011 – 2014) aimed at addressing the social divisions within society around gender inequality, creating community decision-making preprocessed improving living standards of local people. The project team will be working with 10 local village leaders in Jembrana Regency and members of the community to address these aims.

Work with village leaders will be around a participatory leadership model of decision-making and how to better incorporate the views of the community when working on the village development policy.
Work with the local people is focused around providing economic support in the form of micro loans to families, providing vocational training, health education and services to those who need it.
The project is initially focused on five villages for the first year but will expand to include an additional five villages during the following two years.

Co-operation between the village leaders, local people and MBM will create a good foundation for addressing poverty within Bali.