HIV/AIDS – Counselling and Testing Program.

Yayasan Maha Bhoga Marga

As part of MBM’s work on HIV/AIDS, HIV Voluntary Counselling is offered to members of the community living with HIV.

MBM’s HIV Counseling is offered to individuals before people decide to undertake the HIV examination and then afterwards, depending on the result of the test.

Those people who commonly use the counseling include people who have had multiple sex partners, people who practice unsafe sex, needle-sharing drug users, people with a history of receiving blood transfusions, people with sexual transmitted infections, and those who already suffer from a pre-existing infection.

The benefits of pre-test counseling is to inform someone of the decision to perform the test or not, to support the individual for unrisky behavior toward HIV infection, and to prepare the individual emotionally if the result is positive. Information about HIV/AIDS, HIV transmission and risky behaviors is discussed with the individual. Then, an assessment is made by the counselor about whether the individual should undertake HIV testing.

Post results, whether positive or negative, MBM’s HIV counselor will work with the individual on how to prevent transmission and provide information about services available to people infected with HIV.

MBM’s Voluntary HIV Counseling program is part of MBM’s wider work that it does with the community about addressing the needs and education in the community.