HIV/AIDS Education and Training

Yayasan Maha Bhoga Marga

HIV/AIDS is a growing epidemic across Indonesia, including Bali. More and more people within the community are becoming vulnerable to HIV infection. The Bali Government HIV Commission reports that the number of people with HIV in Bali is rapidly increasing.

MBM is concerned about these alarming statistics and has been working with the community, the church and leaders to remove the stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.

The community education provided by the division includes educating members of the church and community leaders on what HIV/AIDS is, why it is a growing concern in Bali and what steps can be taken to reduce the increasing number of cases of the disease. A special module has been created as an educational tool for all GKPB congregations and has been successful in creating awareness of the issue of HIV/AIDS. However, changing the attitudes towards HIV /AIDS is a challenge.

MBM works intensively to prevent HIV transmission from mother to the baby. The team routinely does data collecting and special assistance to pregnant mothers. MBM’s goal is that no baby would have HIV transmitted from his or her mother among MBM constituents and GKPB congregations. This program is also aimed at decreasing the maternal and infant mortality rate in Bali.

MBM also works with people living with HIV/AIDS to increase their quality of life, through appropriate care, support and treatment programs.