Independent Women’s Group

Economic Empo

MBM has been facilitating Women only groups since 2007 and over the years, has seen an increase in the number of women groups being supported, as well as an improvement in the situation of these women’s lives.
The benefits of this program for the women include friendship and cooperation among community members, increased confidence and self esteem and the chance to learn new skills.


MBM has identified and are concerned that women in Bali are still facing discriminative practices within the social, cultural and political spheres. Studies show these inequalities in society result in limited access to education, health and social services within the community as well as in decision making in development policies.


MBM Women’s Groups are formed by a small group of women who live in close proximity to each other. After each group has appointed a leader who is responsible for coordinating and managing the group, socialization occurs. Each member receives 1,000,000 IDR (AUD $110) for a period of 10 months.


Each month, MBM sends staff to provide vocational and business training, education and developing awareness on HIV/AIDS, gender and global warming, and to coordinate monthly loan repayments.