‘Nasi Pecel’ Business Help Put Food on the Table


Around 6 a.m. in the orning, Mrs. Evi Susanti or usually called Mrs. Evi, a woman born in Jember, East Java, pushing a cart with her husband to their selling place, located near the Negara city park that always visited by many people to exercise. A strategic place and the right time to sell.

It has been two years already since this woman whom born in 1980 selling pecel (Javanese traditional mix stemed vegetables topped with peanut sauce). Cooking skills gained while attending vocational school in Jember Tourism vocational high schol and the ingredients for pecel is her inheritance from her parents. However, because of limited capital, it was very difficult to develop their business. Fortunately, she got information from her friend about Maha Bhoga Marga Foundation that have PUSI (Informal Sector Business Program), which gives business capital assistance to the poor.

Through the business capital assistance she received, the business of this woman with five kids has been growing and keep growing. Currently whenever she selling pecel, she could spent five kilograms of rice. Daily gross income that can be obtained between IDR 300,000 to IDR 350.000. For additional income, her carts also combined with several plates of traditional cakes, crackers, instants coffees and fried snacks.

Another problem faced was the park where she sells was often used for the public activities sometimes, so she was not able to sell. And also when it rainde she chose to rest because her food to sell could be wet and damaged. Therefore, she has great desire to have a house near the main road, so she has a place to sell pecel. "For that I have to set aside a little income for savings, the price of land is expensive" she smiled to end the story.